About the NSSA

The NSSA® Certificate Program is a nationally recognized standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning, education and training.

Professional advisors who earn the NSSA® Certificate benefit society by helping individuals and couples improve their financial security during retirement years through maximization of Social Security benefits.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • Promote Social Security education to the public.
  • Provide objective and unbiased advice without regard to product sales and commissions/revenues.
  • Confidentiality of all client information. Social Security numbers may not be transmitted via e-mails or the internet without appropriate security measures or authorization by client.
  • Treat all clients with integrity and respect and professionalism.
  • Honest and fair communications to the public.
  • Continue Social Security education to retain competence.
  • Maintain professionalism in all aspects of providing Social Security services. Demonstrate exemplary professional conduct.
  • Advisor may not disparage National Social Security Advisors program or the National Social Security Association LLC.
  • Divulge all fees, including referral fees and disclose all conflicts of interest.
  • Think “Outside the Box” when reviewing Social Security claiming options with clients.
Topics Covered by the NSSA Program:

Topics Covered by the NSSA Program:

  • Social Security History
  • Social Security Future
  • Benefit Computations
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Medicare
  • Spousal Elections
  • Surviving Spousal Benefits
  • Lump Sum Death Payments
  • Benefits Taxation
  • COLA
  • Case Studies

More than 90% of Social Security Recipients do not Maximize their Benefits

Your advisor has earned the NSSA certfificate and can guide you throught the process and help you make the right decisions.

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